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We conduct the kebab production, and wholesale and retail sales of poultry meat, spices and sauces.
The production of kebabs in our firm is conducted under specific circumstances by qualified personel, under strict review by the HACCP, as well as oversight by a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Thanks to this we can guarantee the safety of food and goods.
Our firm has been certified for sales domestically as well as within the European Union markets, Our employees are predominently Turkish nationals who have completed specialized courses and have acquired title of chief of kebab production. We have our own means of transportation: a fleet of vehicles certified by doctorveterinarians to transport meats and kebabs. We are continuously expanding our operations hiring more experienced kebab specialists.
For the production of our goods we use the highest quality Polish meats:
  • poultry
  • beef
Our business units:
  1. Production pipelines of raw meat seasoned with special spices, for further processing and roasting at " KEBAB" points of sale
  2. Production of spiced KEBABs, roasted and chopped sets of "kebab" intended for consumption after heating
  3. Sale of raw beef and poultry

NUR - Production plant

26-110 Skarżysko-Kamienna
3 Maja 251, 253 street

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